Powell @ Karns

Powell picked up a nice 21-19 victory over Karns to go 3-1 on the season.

Grace Christian Academy vs Boyd-Buchanan

Had a very soggy night as a result of Hurricane Harvey remnants, but it was still a great evening for football!

Grace Christian vs TKA

Powell @ Halls

I had the opportunity to hit another game Friday night, so I thought it’d be a great chance to see Powell notch their first win of the year. Here are a few images….

Alcoa at Grace Christian Academy

Black & White Impressions

A normal shot from the camera. It seems too busy and lacking the mood I was hoping to capture
An in camera image overlay taken with the Nikon D800 converted to black & white

Anyone who has been to the Smokies most likely knows how spectacular the dogwoods can be. During spring, many photographers flock to the park for this very reason. In other words, there are an abundance of dogwood images taken each year, so it’s very easy for all of them to look the same.

With this particular beauty, I made the decision to make an image that would hopefully stand out among the crowd. My first thought was to use the image overlay function inside the Nikon D800 to give the image a soft dreamy feel. You do this by taking one sharp image, one completely defocused image, and then combining the two inside the camera. By using this process, it helped separate the tree from an extremely busy background, which I felt was very necessary for the image to be successful.

Still, I felt the image fell short of the mood I was hoping to capture. In comes Nik Silver Efex Pro, one of my most favorite black and white converters. I opened the image up, and with a few subtle slider adjustments, BAM! This is the image I was after! Long story short, I found you shouldn’t always stick to the perceived norm. Be different, experiment, you never know what you may come up with…..